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              Bona Dea Costa Rica 2013
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Marie took 3 women on the first Bona Dea Eco Wellness Journey to Costa Rica in Feb-March 2013. Massages, tours, hikes, yoga, meditation - it was wonderful!


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A big thank you for including me on the trip to Costa Rica. I wanted to let you know what an awesome experience the trip was for me.
With you as a guide we were truly blessed with an authentic Costa Rica experience. From the food, to the locals, oh and the massages that were included in the trip package - all awesome!! I would definitely do this trip again



  Whether written down or not, everyone has a list of places they want to visit. For me, these are places which I want to experience, not just see. Costa Rica was on the top of my list, and going with Marie was a major bonus as we got the entire spectrum of the “real” Costa Rica. None of the canned tour places for us! We stayed at Finca Luna Nueva (where they grow and do research on medicinal properties of herbs), Ama Tierra yoga retreat, and two of the best boutique hotels in San Jose. We experienced a real feria (Saturday Farmers Market), one of the non-touristy pristine, black sand beaches, and a naturally air-conditioned “to-die-for designer-label-encrusted” mall.

To me, driving in Costa Rica is like an instant replay of the original Cinerama films. Traffic rules appear to be suggestions and street signs like cross-road designations, and stop and one-way signs optional. Thanks to Marie’s expert driving skills and incredible inner compass that was better than Google maps and a Garmin combined, what would have been frustrating navigation of the Costa Rican roads became plausible.

In hindsight, it was surprising that the trip’s wellness component was so well incorporated that relaxation and education appeared to be effortlessly natural. Food was unique, healthy and flavorful. The jungle tours were awesome. Our search for peresosos (sloths) was as exciting as our introduction to meditation techniques and yoga.

I would be remiss in not stating the “best” part of the trip: the people we met. All the women on the trip were unique and truly wonderful. "Forever" bonds were made! Our special tour guides were kind, knowledgeable and quick to try to answer our many questions. One of Marie’s friends generously invited us to her home allowing us to see a real Costa Rican middle class home. Finally, the highlight was meeting Marie’s 91 year old aunt Alice who not only graciously showed us her garden with a plethora of orchids, but shared her secret to a long, well-lived life. Since it is Alice’s secret to share, you will just have to put Costa Rica with Marie on the top of your bucket list.



What a trip! It's hard to put into words all the new experiences and feelings it brought. All I can still say is that it was amazing! I enjoyed it thoroughly from the minute my plane landed in San Jose until it was time to leave (and I didn't want to!)
I saw things I've never seen before, ate foods I never tried before and met quite a few wonderful people. This definitely was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so glad I took it! Thank you Marie for the amazing trip! I will definitely never forget it.