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          Paddle Your Own Raft:
Out of the Storm and Into the Sunshine
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Book by Marie Elena Hawkins

   Are storms in your life rocking your world in ways you didn’t see coming and don’t particularly like? Are you exhausted by the endless demands on your time and energy? Do you sometimes feel like giving up on ever having a happy, satisfying life? Paddle Your Own Raft was first created as a visualization exercise to help women see their lives from a fresh new perspective. The simple metaphorical story has become an essential guide for women who are ready to create a better life for themselves. Paddle Your Own Raft is about learning to recognize who and what we carry with us. It’s about lightening our loads and letting go of self-imposed stress. Paddle Your Own Raft ultimately seeks to modify your frames of reference and open the way for changes that will lead you to a deeper, easier satisfaction with life, regardless of the circumstances.