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If you are considering nutritional counseling or holistic life coaching, you probably have lots of questions. For example,

Why should I consider nutritional counseling? Health is your most important asset!

Good health allows you to actively and independently live your life as you wish,
while poor health limits your choices, drags you down, and robs you of time and money. 

What kind of people do you work with? Women and children of all ages.

I specialize in women's wellness, because I feel I can serve women’s needs most effectively.  By extension, I also work with my client’s children, and offer limited consulting to their spouses, although I do not accept men as clients.
My youngest clients are only a few months old, and my oldest clients are in their late 80's.  It is never too early to start living healthier, and it is never too late to benefit from making dietary and lifestyle changes. In fact, some of my most successful clients are older women who want to maximize their energy, vitality, and independence as they enter their 70's, 80's, and even 90's with grace and satisfaction.

What's in it for me?  The opportunity to live longer, healthier, and happier!  

Imagine spending more time having fun and less time waiting in doctor’s offices.

Imagine looking forward to each day without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Imagine what your life could be like if you felt healthy and energetic every day.

Imagine how satisfying it would feel to identify and experience your life's passion and purpose.

                         Imagine simply feeling healthy and beautiful and in control at every age!

How does it work?  We work together to move you toward your goals.

We begin with an initial consultation that lasts about two hours, and then we decide if what you need is a good fit for what I can offer you.
Sessions may take place in person, by phone, or by Skype. We can make it happen no matter where you live or how much you travel! I offer a variety of individual and group program options, so that together we can find the best way to help you achieve your goals.

Holistic Life Coaching involves the following steps which include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessment of your life wellness status
  • All the components of nutritional counseling
  • Help in recognizing and learning how to improve and balance the various areas of your life 
  • Clarification of your goals for health, balance, and personal achievements
  • Creation of your personal "road map" to get you to where you want to be
  • Learning how to overcome obstacles and negativity
  • Information for creating a healthier, safer, and more nurturing home environment
  • Workshops that address components of self-discovery, self-improvement, confidence, and more
  • Unlimited support and guidance 
How long will it take? It depends on your starting point and personal rate of progress.  
In some cases, there will be dramatic improvements within days of our first session. I expect every woman to notice positive changes within a few weeks. Most women begin with a 3 month program, and then continue with 3 or 6 month programs after that. As is true with any endeavor, the longer you stick with it, the more impressive and permanent the results.
It's always a process of trial and error, and we all have some obstacles to overcome.  It isn't always easy, and it is important that my clients understand that I am always there to encourage them, support them, and help them get back on track.  If I accept you into a wellness program, it is because I believe you can be successful!  

Whatever your wellness needs are, I am confident that I can help you.  
If I can't, I'll help you find someone who can!

How much does it cost?  It depends on the type and length of the program you choose, and on your personal needs.
The fee for an initial consultation is $60 for an individual and $100 for couples.

Do you take insurance?  Unfortunately, no.
Constantly changing health insurance policies in recent months have resulted in headaches that I am no longer willing to deal with. I will be glad to furnish you with the appropriate documents should you wish to file for reimbursement yourself.

Ok, I'm ready to start!  What do I do first?  Call me at 423-367-1396!

After a short conversation, we'll schedule an initial appointment, and get you started on your way to a better you.

Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Workshops
I do not charge for speaking to local groups and clubs, though I do charge a fee for last minute cancellations. 
Depending on the group, I usually talk for 15-20 minutes, with at least 10 minutes for question and answers afterwards.
I charge a speaking fee if you want me to talk for more than 45 minutes, or to travel outside of the immediate
Tri-Cities Area. I am happy to conduct seminars and workshops for your company or group.  Half day or full day programs are available, as are shorter 2-3 hour programs.  Fees for these vary according to the event, your needs, and the event location. Please contact me for additional information.

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who could benefit from nutritional/healthy living consultation or holistic life coaching? How about a Healthier Solutions gift certificate?  This could be a fantastic way to give someone a gift that provides benefits for a lifetime!

Contact me for more information


Bona Dea Wellness Journey for Women

   Bona Dea is not a "one size fits all" program. The evolution of other programs into the Bona Dea Wellness Journey has resulted in a beautifully rounded program that moves women into ever higher levels of wellness, understanding, satisfaction, and personal growth. Bona Dea is for women who are interested in being their personal best (not someone else’s ideal of “best”). Some have health issues, and some don't. Most need to lose weight—some don't, and a few need to gain weight. Many are in the midst of one of life's big transitions—new mothers, family, perimenopause, menopause, divorce, new career choices, taking care of ill or elderly family members, death of a loved one, empty nesters, etc. 
   Many women participate in consecutive sessions, which change and "grow" with them.  There may be groups at three different levels, each enjoying slightly different program topics and workshops.
   The 12 week program is a combination of one on one private consults and small group workshops, and material is well organized in attractive leather-like binders that allow you to find what you need, make notes, and put everything to use every day. Groups are made up of 3-5 women, and in addition to the daytime groups, there is usually an evening group (6-8pm).
   Generally the program is set up like this:  I meet privately with each woman the week before the program begins.  Multiple one on one consults throughout the program provide private personalized care and support to address individual needs, regardless of what they may be. Then, week 1 & 2 we have weekly group meetings, week 3 is for private one on ones, weeks 4 & 5 are group meeting weeks, week 6 is one on one, weeks 7 & 8 are group meetings, and so forth. 
   I never share your personal information with the group—what you wish to share is up to you.  The group workshops provide you with hands on learning experiences and give you the opportunity to enjoy amazing interactions with other special women--something I think is sorely lacking in our lives.  Bona Dea women may start out as strangers, but after 12 weeks of laughing, crying and warmly supporting each other, there is magic. Several friendships have been born here. 
   The exact days and times of group meetings are agreed upon by each group at the first meeting, and the small group size allows great flexibility. The one on one sessions are scheduled totally separately according to your convenience.
   Bona Dea's goals are always about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, but while the fall sessions are slightly more about inner growth and emotional wellness, the spring sessions lean more on weight & fitness, and intentions for future achievements. This is in keeping with our biological rhythms as they respond to the changing seasons. 
   Fall sessions focus more on our emotional/mental readiness for improving health because the willingness to nurture our soul is the first step in learning to nurture and care for our bodies. Stress is often very intense in the fall, and since stress really affects the immune system, I like to help my clients learn how to mitigate its impact and gain a strong sense of control going into the winter months. Warm, comforting foods are a big part of the fall cooking & nutrition sessions, and workshops on creating natural healing products helps you prevent illness, avoid medical costs, and recover faster from anything that might threaten your health. 
   Spring time is a time of new beginnings. Since we become more active and energetic in springtime, it is the absolute best time of year to move toward fresher, lighter foods to see significant changes in skin and weight management. Learning about fast, healthy raw foods keeps you away from hot stoves, and gives your body the chance to naturally cleanse and detoxify itself to start the year off right. Classes in home-made personal care or home care products give you the tools to reduce your toxin exposure and save money while discovering new things.
   Regardless of when you choose to participate in Bona Dea, it is always an opportunity to transform your lifestyle into one that will help ensure your and your family's better health for years to come.


Inspired Success Circles
“Do you just wish you knew what to do and that it felt natural, right, and effective?                
Do you want to make more money doing your life's work, reach more people,
and hit the note you came to sing?(of course!)”

                                                                                                                     Tama Kieves

 Do you get up every morning anxious to start your day because you love your life, love your work, and love what you do? If the answer is yes, I congratulate you!  

However, if you are one of the majority of women who don't start their days feeling inspired, who aren't fulfilled, and who know there's something better out there, please keep reading!

Maybe you are already doing the work you love, but aren't enjoying the level of success or financial freedom that you deserve.  Perhaps you are still slaving away at a job that pays the bills but fails to inspire you or satisfy your potential.  Maybe you've been thinking about changing careers, changing jobs, starting up your own company, creating your own perfect job, but you're hesitant to do so.  Maybe you simply don't know what your purpose is.  You may have held several different jobs, and did them well, but they weren't "it".  They didn't give you the opportunity to use your divine gifts.  You always knew you had something else incredible inside you, but haven't been able to find the right way to use and express your talents.

I have been on an incredible journey of my own, changing careers (multiple times!), going back to school, building my business (several times!) and experiencing life’s ups and downs.  I always enjoyed what I did but still had that nagging feeling that I hadn't discovered my true calling, my true purpose. 

It has taken me decades to get here; helping other women, writing, learning and growing in ways I never imagined.  I know in the depths of my soul that I am finally doing what I was meant to do!  I feel incredibly blessed.

I've spent recent years exploring energy based healing, energy & frequencies in physical and emotional wellness, quantum physics, law of attraction, epigenetics, and other related topics. Most recently, personal crisis led me to immerse myself in music, contemplation and reading.  

I am a firm believer in the saying when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I have been amazed at how the right book, the right person, or the right opportunity always presents itself when I am ready and open to receiving what I need. 

When I stumbled upon "Inspired and Unstoppable" by Tama Kieves, I knew that the message she had wasn’t just for me. This was meant to be shared with special women everywhere.

I have read dozens of books similar to this one, but this one stands out, because Tama has managed to cut to the chase, so to speak.  You don't have to understand quantum physics or epigenetics for this to make sense to you.

Is your heart starting to beat faster?  Is your soul saying yes, to all of this? Are you identifying with any of the above?  

If so, I invite you to a dream support program!  This is all about finding inspiration and reaching for endless possibilities.  It is about connecting with other women who are also ready to fire up their lives and see their dreams become reality. Together, we can create miracles! 

Inspired Success Circles based on Tama Kieve's book and concepts are beginning to pop up all over the country, and I am excited to be starting the first registered Inspired Success Circle in Tennessee, here in Kingsport.          

Groups meet once a week for 8 weeks, and the fee is a nominal $15 per session. If you don’t have your own copy of Inspired and Unstoppable, I will have some available for purchase.

Call me to register for one of the upcoming sessions of Inspired Success Circles. 
I know this program will make a difference in your life!  I am excited wondering how many fires will be lit and how many of you will soar into your dreams.

“Where two or more are gathered, grace rushes in with twinkling eyes.
Your dream deserves a stimulating network of people
who each bring different gifts, experience, and resources to the table.”
Tama Kieves


Marie's Round Table Seminars

Marie’s Round Table Seminars are my newest option for women who are looking for general holistic health information and an opportunity to get answers to the questions that have been on their minds.

I have been getting an increasing number of requests from women who want the opportunity to learn more about health and have their questions answered without committing to a wellness program.

Now I am offering  two hour seminars for up to five women at a cost well below normal consulting rates.

Dates & times are flexible, so that if a group of friends wishes to attend together, it can be arranged to fit their schedules.


Contact me for more information!