Healthier Solutions by Marie
Holistic Nutritional Counseling

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I often receive requests for personal accounts illustrating what holistic nutritional counseling can do. 
While I understand this desire for firsthand knowledge, respecting my clients’ privacy is my top priority.
I want to express a special thank you to these clients who have offered to share their experiences.


One of the best decisions I have ever made was to start working on a wellness plan with Marie. I began working with her one on one and was very pleased with the knowledge I gained. I then participated in her Bona Dea wellness program. I have never regretted the day I called her for an initial consultation. I had various health issues and had seen several specialists with no improvement in my health. I had no idea the wealth of knowledge I would gain from Marie. She showed me how to improve my whole being rather than just isolated conditions my doctors had focused on. After being on multiple medicines, I am now only on a select few. Not only did Marie help improve my physical health, she also helped me keep my emotions in check during my healing process. Marie truly cares about her clients and their health. I would recommend anyone who seeks overall wellness to consult with Marie. She is truly a blessing and has a special gift for working with people.

Carolyn Horton, Kingsport, TN


  I was facing an operation to remove part of my colon, due to diverticulitis. Three doctors (including a gastrointerologist at Duke) told me that I needed this operation. I went to Marie as my last resort and she came through for me. With the help of probiotics, supplements and some changes in my diet, the doctor now tells me that I do not need an operation. I will be forever grateful for Marie's help. I am also learning how to be healthier in my "old" age. 

Kingsport, TN


I found a brochure while shopping one day covering a program called “Bona Dea”.  It piqued my interest and I picked it up and carried it home. Once I saw that the program was conducted by Marie Browning, I knew it would be good as I had met her previously and knew of her excellent reputation.
I carried the brochure with me for about two weeks until I finally decided to call and get more information. Marie spent all the time I needed to educate me about the course and I was fortunate to get the last spot on her schedule.
I am a holistic practitioner of several modalities and fully understand many aspects of good health. I have for some time considered myself to make healthier choices than most.   I had also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 15 years ago and gained about 40 pounds of unwanted weight during that time. I had actually come to believe that I could not lose weight because of this condition because I had tried and failed so many times.
The Bona Dea program and Marie’s loving guidance changed my life.  Not only did I learn how to make appropriate changes in my lifestyle and eating habits, connecting with other women who face the same challenges was powerful beyond words. 
By the end of the 12 weeks I had lost 12 pounds and 13 inches off of my body!  I felt better and had more energy!  Most importantly, I learned that a health challenge did not have to hold me back – unless I allowed it! I have completely changed what I eat and how I eat and I love all my choices and never feel that I am doing without something.  I still have more work to do, but have lost an additional 2 pounds after the program – even through the holidays! My weight is coming off slow, but that is good, because I want the changes to last.
I re-visited my doctor for blood work after the program just to see what had changed.  All of my blood work that had been done prior to the program was excellent except my blood sugar was border line at 100.  After Bona Dea, my cholesterol had come down 40 points, Triglycerides had lowered 30 points and my blood sugar had come down 20 points to a healthy 80 – which Marie explained enabled me to lose weight.
If you are struggling with any thoughts of how can you afford to do this program or sessions with Marie, let me offer you this… I did the same thing – I almost let the fear of money hold me back from better health.  Now I know that this was a solid investment in my health and because of the changes I made in my diet and choices, the program nearly paid for itself by the end of the 12 weeks and I still continue to save money through eating less, making healthier choices and not eating out for lunch every day.  A holistic approach toward health always produces amazing results because you work with the body’s natural wisdom.
Bona Dea gave me an opportunity to connect with other women, make healthy changes in my life that produce definite results, learn to cook differently, learn to grocery shop for health, save money, and gave me much information that I can now share with others in my life and work.
One last word of encouragement…Marie gives far more than she charges for – her services produce results when you apply what you learn from her.  Don’t waste another minute of your health wondering if you should – invest in your health and your future today. You are worth it!

Maggie Cooper, LMT
Wellness Director, Yoga Instructor
Johnson City, TN


  When I first contacted Marie, I didn’t have any specific health problems I wanted to address. My goal was “to be healthier”. I was unsure what exactly she would be able to offer me, especially since I myself did not even know what direction I needed to go in. I wanted to make some changes to my diet and my family’s diet, but I did not know how. Did we need to be vegetarian, vegan, 100% organic, a diet without grains, what about dairy, etc. 
I had done many hours of reading on my own, but just felt even more confused because of all the conflicting information out there.  I was desperate for some help and guidance.  Well, I found it and much more with Marie.  She taught me how to eat healthy and explained it in such a way that just made sense to me. Suddenly it seemed so simple! I was even able to do some cooking workshops where I learned how to prepare foods that were missing from our diet in such a way that it tasted great and even my kids will eat it. However, I also learned a great deal more. Marie opened my eyes to many other ways to improve my health and well being including supplements, stress management , aromatherapy, strengthening the immune system, reducing toxins in my home, making my own personal care products and home cleaning supplies, and more.  I truly transformed the way I think about health over the course of the few months I worked one on one with Marie. 
I started my journey with many doubts but by the end I realized that the time I worked with Marie was one of the greatest gifts I could have ever given myself.  I no longer worry about if I am doing the right thing for myself and my family.  I know I am and that is such a comfort to me. 
Thank you Marie, for your incredible wisdom, your warm and caring personality, and for helping me along this journey. 

Kingsport, TN


After working with Marie for only a year, what a difference I physically see and also feel. The Bona Dea program touches so many different areas of our lives. By changing the way I eat and realizing the true benefits of eating "good food", I have lost 20 lbs, have more energy than I have ever had, and feel much more empowered because of the many things that I learned during the Bona Dea program. I would recommend the program to anyone, it was time and money well spent.

Dawn, Kingsport, TN


I just wanted to send a thank you for everything you shared and taught during the 12 week Bona Dea program I attended during Fall 2011.
The nutrition information and cooking classes were wonderful, as was the lotion making class. 

There is no way to express my appreciation for all you shared and taught me in 12 short weeks.  I cherish my Bona Dea binder as it continues to teach and re-teach me the things we went over in our sessions. This was well worth the money spent!  I look forward to taking another class with you in the near future.

Abbie, Kingsport, TN

Marie, I use your website regularly if I have a question about help in getting the right food/products to keep me feeling as good as I can. In the 10 months that you have worked with me I can now sleep most of the night without getting up for the bathroom.  I have no trouble going to sleep, and at the beginning I had so much pain in my lower legs that I had trouble going to sleep.  When I sat in church or other places for as much as an hour I was so stiff when I got up that it was hard to walk. That is no problem now.     
My digestion is so much better now than before.  Your recommendations for supplements and exercise - using the rebounder, walking, stretching and trying to improve my balance have worked for me.  I was unable to get out of bathtub and had to use shower all the time; I can now get in and out of the tub. 
I have learned so much from you on proper diet and easy ways to fix healthy meals and to buy foods that do not have additives that are harmful. Your recommendations for shampoo, soap, and cleaning products have also been helpful.  The homemade soap saves me money and does a good job.  I look forward to homemade face cream. I believe the air in my house is now cleaner by using essential oils in a diffuser.  This eliminates the use of humidifier too.  I am 80 years old and feel that I was blessed to find you to help make my last days healthier.

Patsy, Weber City, VA

Good Morning Marie,
I am happy to report that Lindsi has done a complete turnaround. Before you came into our lives, we had truly lost all hope of her ever being "normal". Before we started treatment she was 18 months old and only weighed 17 pounds and was determined ‘failure to thrive’ with the developmental capabilities of a 6 to 11 month old. Because she had regressed so badly, she was prescribed developmental therapy.  The paperwork has been so time consuming that yesterday was supposed to be her first therapy session, but it has now been determined she no longer needs all the services!  She is now 20 months old and has shot up to the developmental age of an 18 month old in 1 month since her last evaluation. Lindsi now weighs 21 pounds, she has a very healthy appetite, she now sings, plays, shows affection, counts, and even enjoys being around other children!
She became a different child within 3 days of removing gluten from her diet.
I was very skeptical of the whole dietary, natural healing process at first but the joy we have now as she says new words and is 95% rash free is amazing. Yes, it is time consuming, yes, it can get frustrating and expensive but when I think of all the time, money, and energy we wasted from the time she was 4 months old there is no comparison.  
Of course organic foods are expensive but the peace you get when your child’s skin finally clears to a point where you can take her out, she sleeps all night, and begins to develop normally is worth the price.  
I can never thank you enough! 

Christy Whitaker, Bristol

Marie’s update: The last time I saw Lindsi, she was nearly 3 years old and was busily playing with her sisters, squealing like a banshee, and nearly impossible to catch. Her beautiful blue eyes are framed by clear skin and blond bouncy curls.  There is no semblance of the sickly infant I first met.

The owner of a local health food center referred me to Marie at a time when I was sick and weary from continual medical evaluations and invasive procedures which yielded no definitive reason for my ongoing problems.  Marie did a comprehensive assessment of my problem, including an extensive medical history, review of my past and present medications, food selections and eating patterns, and environmental toxins which have an impact on my overall health.  Through this process, she identified my symptoms as being consistent with Celiac disease, which was medically confirmed by my medical specialist. 
Marie combines her professional skills with genuine caring and compassion.  She provides me with comprehensive nutritional counseling and is tenacious in her research of information regarding specific concerns.  
Marie has truly blessed my life!

Sharon, Johnson City, TN

Dear Marie,
Within just a few weeks of beginning your Bona Dea program, I noticed several specific improvements in my general wellbeing and energy level. The unique program you offered not only provided valuable nutritional information, but the motivation to implement adjustments in my eating patterns, nutritional supplements, and food preparations. I would not likely have accomplished these improvements on my own.
In particular, I am grateful for the increase in my heart strength. Before I began the Bona Dea program, my energy level was quite low, due to a chronic heart condition. Just getting through the day's responsibilities was like swimming through thick molasses. Medical tests had indicated a weakening of my heart. Now, after several months of taking your recommended nutritional supplements, not only do I feel stronger, but the same medical tests indicate that my heart is stronger. It is gratifying that my energy is at a level I haven't experienced in a long time. Marie, thank you so much for contributing to my improved wellbeing. Based on my experience, your nutritional and motivational skills have contributed greatly to my over-all health.
Please accept not only my gratitude, but my permission to share this letter with others.

Marie’s wealth of expertise and knowledge has helped me to identify the real source of my digestive issues.  I have learned so much from her that has already begun to restore my health and my energy level.  This experience has enabled me to look forward to a future of feeling good and enjoying life’s blessings! 
Marie’s ability to assess each client’s health issues and needs and then expertly tailor her recommendations and mentor you throughout the process helps to create results that are so encouraging and that reinforce you to continue on the journey toward improved health.

Kellie, Kingsport, TN


I would have a very hard time trying to list all the things I have learned from Marie Browning over the past two+ years, all backed up by her thorough research and knowledge of healing. Marie's focus on each individual and genuine concern for her client's physical and emotional well-being is nothing short of amazing. Marie has exposed me to everything from gourmet cooking classes, homemade cleaning products and even toothpaste and cosmetics, nutritional supplements (what's safe, what works, what doesn't and why), EFT, organic gardening, essential oils, and the list goes on and on! Even my cats are healthier because of her classes! Because of this amazing woman, I now have the tools and the awareness to make a better life for myself and my family. The words, "Thank you, Marie", just don't seem adequate!

Linda, Kingsport, TN